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When the ship is sinking

In the film Titanic, as the ship was sinking, the band played “Nearer my God to Thee” knowing their own fate was inevitable. There are those who selflessly give of themselves until the end. The musicians wanted to give comfort to the dying as long as they could.

As in the movie, there are those who only think only of themselves who bully, buy and push people out of their way to get the choice real estate, the lifeboats. The heroes are always helpers and the cowards are always the selfish looking out for their own interests. It was supposed to be women and children first on the lifeboats. As we know, some men in the movie stole this choice real estate from the rightful owners. After they were rescued some of these men committed suicide and others had lifetime shame.

Actions are accountable in everything we do. As we live in this current pandemic there are those who do all they can to help and those who run to grab whatever privileges they can, away from their hometown hot spots where they could very well help but chose to cowardly run away. In the end we all know how shameful they really are. True colors never lie.

Kelly Hashey


A better comic

The Mark Trail comic strip never had particularly thrilling story lines, but it did have excellent art work, with scenic vistas often including birds or animals. It was worth following for the pictures alone.

Apparently the creators of the strip retired, and a new person recently took over. They have totally revamped it, so that no one would know it was the same comic. Personally, I don’t like the change. I’ve read it so far, hoping it would improve, but there is no sign that it will. The story line is worse than before, and the art work is atrocious.

There must be another strip somewhere that would be better than the new Mark Trail. Please look for it and give it to us.

Lawrence E. Merrill


Working together to keep people safe

I felt gratitude when I looked at the front page of the BDN from Dec. 3. There was the Maine House, starting a new session, masked and socially distanced so that they can do the work of government on our behalf. It reminded me of watching my 10-year-old grandson yesterday play outside with his next-door-neighbor, both of them masked but undeterred from feeling childhood’s joy of being outside with a friend.

I was sitting outside with my daughter and two other grandchildren, and we were also masked, grateful for that extra level of protection that could help keep us safe. But the next picture on that front page was of people protesting outside the Civic Center where the legislators were working. They were protesting the wearing of masks, the same masks that enable the Legislature to meet and me to see my daughter.

Those masks make grocery shopping safer, or, if you’re a child, make going to school safer. The danger of COVID-19 is huge and all around us, but we are so close to getting a vaccine.

Please, Maine, let’s work together to keep us all safe for just a little while longer until the vaccine can begin to do its work of stopping this horrible pandemic.

Carolyn Bower