Teaching From the Heart, a professional development program, will be presented at the University of Maine Hutchinson Center from 3:30–5:30 p.m. from Jan. 25-27.

Have you ever felt like you were more of a problem-solver than a teacher? Your best-made lesson plans are delayed by listening to your students argue about a problem that occurred at recess. You deal with this stress by addressing the class in a way that you regret. You know you’re a great teacher but you’re overwhelmed.  

Learn how to manage your classroom/learning environment with a practical, simple curriculum based on Nonviolent Communication expert Gina Simm’s book “Heart to Heart: Three Systems for Staying Connected (A Manual for Parents and Teachers).” Through participating in this course, you’ll learn how to use practical systems to maintain the heart-to-heart connections that support children’s ability to self-regulate and improve their emotional intelligence.  

Participants are encouraged (though not required) to purchase instructor Simm’s book.Simm has taught in early childhood education for over 30 years. Her background in Montessori education and children’s theater launched her into the world of public schools where she spent most of her career as a first-grade teacher (including a year spent teaching English in China).