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Where are the principled Republicans?

The specious lawsuit by the Texas attorney general was an assault on our democracy without merit and without standing. I think nearly everyone knows this. But that 17 red state attorney generals and 126 members of Congress supported this frivolous suit is really shocking.

A large number of Republican elected politicians were essentially saying that they no longer believe in state’s rights or our democracy. What happened to the Republican Party? Surely they haven’t lost all their principles in just four years under President Donald Trump.

I don’t expect Trump to hold any principles, but I thought there was some depth that real Republicans wouldn’t sink below. I was wrong. Either the remaining Republicans need to excise this cancer of these politicians that no longer support Republican principles or the whole party will die. We’ve heard from a few Republican elected officials condemning this action. What I want to know is why we haven’t heard from more Republicans, where are they? Where is Susan Collins?

Deborah Ferrell


The Russians must be happy

Russia’s effort to undermine and destabilize our nation has succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Beginning with the 2016 election, the Russians have conducted a pervasive messaging campaign to weaken and divide our country. Using thousands of phony Facebook accounts impersonating candidates, political parties and non-existent citizens they have flooded the internet with well directed propaganda.

Six officials of unit 74455 of Russian military intelligence working out of an office in St. Petersburg have been indicted by the U.S. Justice Department charged with computer fraud, wire fraud and identity theft. They remain safe within the borders of their country where they continue to conduct their operation.

Putin and his minions must be overjoyed watching millions of Americans questioning the validity of our 2020 election and the growing distaste for democracy in America.

Ron Jarvella


The swamp is too deep

Thank you to President Donald Trump for working hard to obtain a vaccine for this pandemic and those who worked with him. It is a miracle. He may have lost the election but not the war. No president has ever had to face the deep swamp attacks in our politics as he had from the beginning.

They knew he was coming. But he opened up many blinded eyes in the process during his term. He can walk away now with his head up high and let the next leaders deal with their own demons and watch how they destroy America the beautiful in a very short time. Let them defund the police with their lies, let them open the borders to criminals who sneak in illegally with the good immigrants who suffer for it.

In reality we are all immigrants. To even think about defunding any police force will cause the loss of our freedom very quickly in America. To legalize drugs will kill our children. Trump may be leaving office, but will never be forgotten. He will always be remembered as a president who made other countries pay their fair money to make our earth a better and safe place to live, not just America paying it all.

Wake up America before it is too late. I believe the country is surrounded in a swamp of destruction and corruption. There is hope. Everyone should do their best to enjoy their holidays and never give up on themselves.

Eugene Allen