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Wall of shame

There needs to be a wall of shame installed in the U.S. Capitol after 126 Republican members of Congress participated in an outrageous lawsuit to attempt to overturn the U.S. Constitution and the results of a presidential election. I believe that these elected officials put their party and their corrupt and venial president above the law, in an attempt to subvert the will of the people.

All the ignorant and violent protesters who proclaim “Stop The Steal” should have been protesting against this “steal.” Thankfully, the Supreme Court did its job and quickly threw out this dangerous lawsuit.

Joe Biden has been president-elect since Nov. 7. Donald Trump lost the election. Trump is a presidential loser. It is not the “news media” that created the election outcome; American voters did. They tallied 7 million more votes for Biden than Trump along with 306 Electoral College votes. Trump won 232 electoral votes. Despite him and his allies losing virtually every single lawsuit filed in state and federal courts, including the Supreme Court, Trump still lost the election.

The 126 GOP members of Congress should be required to retake their oath of office and be impeached for violating every word of it. Trump continues to spread misinformation about fraud and solicit donations from foolhardy supporters who are just contributing money to other Trump campaign efforts.

Mac Herrling


Follow public health measures

Three cheers to the big three Maine hospital care providers for their full page advertisement/appeal in the Dec. 10 Bangor Daily News regarding the COVID pandemic: “We have your back. Please have ours.”

They appeal to “our fellow Mainers” on behalf of the frontline healthcare workers, who are “caring for all patients in need.” Their appeal to us is to exercise individual “power to help to slow the … COVID-19” by wearing masks, washing hands and maintaining social distancing.

I enthusiastically support their appeal. However, I disagree with the relative restraint of the appeal. The pandemic is ferocious! The reality is that the incredible disease spread can be traced to careless nonadherence of too many citizens to those acknowledged public health measures (above) to obstruct the virus spread.

I believe that this appeal should be forceful and direct. In particular, it is time that they and we directly address the extraordinary and often deliberate carelessness and irresponsibility of persons who refuse to follow these preventive measures intended to protect their and our neighbors.

In particular, we need to highlight strongly the overload these “I have rights” claimants cause for the hospitals and, specifically, the health care personnel (doctors, nurses, therapists, staff and custodians). How long these providers, working ungodly hours and too many days or nights in a row, can continue their service before they become ill or burned out and unavailable is definitely finite. They will not last. And, there are few or no replacements available. They must have relief.

The only relief that can be reliably provided is to reduce the patient care burden by reducing the occurrence of COVID illness. This can be accomplished by all of us adhering to the public health measures.

Charles T. McHugh, MD


Replacement comic

I am with Lawrence Merrill. Mark Trail stinks now, the art work is definitely atrocious, as is the story line.

Please find us a replacement.

Sharon Cole