Photo courtesy of Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland

PORTLAND — The Salvation Army was looking for a way to share Christmas spirit with visitors to its Cumberland Avenue headquarters. St. Peter Parish, located on Federal Street in Portland, was quick and happy to assist.

“When I was a child, St. Peter Parish would display the Nativity scene outside but, for many years, it’s been stored in the basement of the church,” said Susan Bowden, a parishioner at St. Peter. “They’re almost life size.”

A friend of Susan’s who works at the Salvation Army had mentioned wanting to decorate outside of the office in anticipation of the parents and families who would be coming to pick up Christmas gifts.

“I immediately thought of the parish nativity,” said Susan. “So we hauled it from the basement and set it up in front of the Salvation Army. It’s so beautiful. I’m glad it will be enjoyed!”