Easton Junior/Senior High School

First quarter honor roll

Grade 12, highest honors: Kody Carter, Mitchell Flewelling, Savannah Guess, Kaitlyn Hurley and Rachel Wipperman; high honors: Paul Bonner, Austin Carver, Camden Michaud and Nathan Quint;  honors: Matigan Dow and Holden Stoutamyer.

Grade 11, highest honors: Kaden Arnett, Ian Bubar, Maggee Currie, Emma Lamoreau and Madison Ouelle; high honors: Benjamin Currier; honors: Hannah Croteau, Alysabeth Lamoreau, Zacharey Mills and Jazmin Tompkins.

Grade 10, highest honors: Jenna Cochran; high honors:  Rylee Chasse and Kenzie Legassie; honors: Karla Chege, Cheyanne Day, Grace Flewelling and Ally Lamoreau.

Grade nine, highest honors: Trey  Brewer, Abigale Bugbee, Grace Ellis, Alexander Hale and Maggie McQuade; high honors: Rylee Cassidy, Olivia Keep and Madison Seeley; honors: Makenzie Kinney and Summer Sponberg.

Grade eight, highest honors: Madison Bridges, Chase Flewelling, Blake King and Chloe Lento; high honors: Colby Bernier, Dakota Day, Courtney Gilbert and Zachary Pelletier; honors: Savana Brown.

Grade seven, highest honors: Raiden Cochran and Abigail Siddiqui; high honors: Olivia Bate; honors: Jon Chadbourne-Wilson.