By Josh Deakin

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The holidays are here and decorations are out in abundance. Houses are strapped with lights and various blowup characters accent lawns. Freshly cut Christmas trees decorate many picture windows across the state, hung with handmade and finely crafted ornaments to provide an elegance as well as a heart-warming quality to the living room.

Wreaths, garlands and centerpieces are timeless symbols of the holiday season, and Whitney Wreath has been hard at work creating festive greenery to deliver across the nation. 

“It all began when I was wrestling with my cousin Bobby during Thanksgiving at my grandparents’ house in 1974 when I was 8 years old,” said David Whitney, owner of Whitney Wreath. The story he’s told so many times is now available on the Whitney Wreath website for the world to read. “‘Why do you smell like trees?’ I asked Bobby. He then proceeded to explain that he had been making money collecting tips from trees and selling them to Flo, the owner of Flo’s Wreaths in Marshfield, Maine,” Whitney elaborated.

The story is a cute anecdote for the beginnings of Whitney Wreath. Flo would show David the craft of wreath making and this would carry over to his future business. 

“I knew right then and there that this is what I wanted to do,” Whitney said. “As I reflect back, Flo patiently took the time to explain her craft to me. Neither of us knew at the time, but these were the first steps towards building a business now known as Whitney Wreath. I started as an 8-year-old boy simply wanting to earn money for candy. But now it’s a source of livelihood and joy for more people than I could have ever imagined.”

Whitney Wreath maintains a steady production schedule throughout the year and provides goods across the continental United States through shipping. 

“Whitney Wreath has a division doing business as Downeast Packaging Solutions,” explained Whitney. “We serve customers by assembling, forecasting, picking, packing, and shipping products. We have capabilities of handing orders directly from customers of our customers. Two of our clients include The Rope Company and Wyman’s Blueberries.”

In addition to wreaths, the company makes other items as well. “We currently build lobster rope doormats for The Rope Company. We ship lobster rope doormats all over for The Rope Company,” said Whitney. “Our facilities together with our management team and labor force makes us an attractive partner for other enterprises who need facility and management without having to invest in both.”

The company’s shipping capabilities mean that Whitney Wreaths can be found all around the country during the holiday season. While the wreaths are made from Maine trees, most of their products are shipped to other states across the nation. It’s entirely possible you may go on vacation to New York or Florida and see a Whitney Wreath on your journey. 

“We ship balsam fir Christmas wreaths and centerpieces to the contiguous 48 states. At least 98% of our products are shipped outside of Maine,” said Whitney. 

Whitney Wreath currently has four locations: Whitneyville, Crawford, Presque Isle and Nova Scotia. The headquarters in Whitneyville spans 75,000 square feet and is complete with 26 loading docks and doors.

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