A son, Kovan Seavey, was born September 7th to Melanie Pinkham and Matthew Seavey of Franklin.

A son, Calvin Candage, was born September 22nd to Courtney Wasson and Colby Candage of Bar Harbor.

A daughter, Eleanor Parkinson, was born October 5th to Christina and Nate Parkinson of Franklin.

A daughter, Charlotte Mace, was born October 24th to Taylor and Donnie Mace of Bass Harbor.

A son, Mitchell Yeo, was born October 25th to Kimberly and Mark Yeo of Bass Harbor.

A son, Kingston Adam Macias, was born October 30th to Taylor Adam and Carlos Macias of Bar Harbor.

A daughter, Madelynn Lindsey, was born November 10th to Elyce Martin of Ellsworth.

A son, Jack Duggan, was born November 14th to Sarahann Coopersmith and Alexander Duggan of Trenton.

A son, Alistair Cornish, was born November 16th to Melissa Haas and Matthew Cornish of Mount Desert.

A daughter, Oona Kirk, was born November 22nd to Sarah March and Ian Kirk of Mount Desert.