By Vagni Das

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YARMOUTH, Maine — There are many ways to describe Ryan Adams’ art: Some of which are colorful, smooth and geometric. But all of these times 10 is how I would describe his Bissell Brothers train project.

Using around 60 to 70 cans of spray paint in a little over 20 hours spread across three days, Ryan Adams and his co-worker Will Sears painted the interior of a 100-year-old train car owned by Bissell Brothers Brewing in Milo, and gave it new life.

On the first day, Adams went inside the train car to tape down areas he didn’t want painted and, as he said in an interview, to “get a feel of the room.” He also went in to think about the colors that would go into it. On the second day, it was time to paint.

Each train car had a different color palette corresponding to each season in a year (green, pink and lavender for spring; white, light blue and gray for winter — you get the idea). The blend of colors and the smooth texture with precise lines made these train cars a truly delectable treat for the eyes. All of this was done by freehand as Adams has said, “I like that human feel to it.” He has also been heavily inspired by the Steven Powers quote, “Perfect is standard, mistakes cost extra.”

The art style of this project is vibrant, with cohesive colors and clean edges. The palette of colors gave the vibes of each season it was assigned. It also used the shape and texture of the train cars to create dimension and give it more life. All of this equals a geometric wonderland and a mural masterpiece of a project.

Adams’ work goes far beyond the 100-year-old train. He has also spread art like butter on the streets of Portland, with shades in every hue, messages hidden in plain sight and shapes to amaze your mind. His murals can make anybody smile.

Overall, his art is some of the best I have ever seen, and I would 100 percent recommend seeing his drawings next time you visit Portland.