FORT KENT — The Fort Kent Public Library has received the following memorial book donations in memory of family and loved ones. In memory of Joyce Beaulieu: “Turning Point”, “Silent Night”, “Blessings in Disguise”, “Lost & Found”, “The Dark Side”, “Child’s Play”, “Spy”, “Moral Compass”, “The Numbers Game”, “The Wedding Dress”, “Daddy’s Girl”, “Royal” and “All that Glitters” donated by Andre and Norma Landry. 

In memory of Louise Tardie Kuusela: “The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek” and “28 Summers” donated by Mel and Ann Belanger. 

In memory of Marvin Jandreau: “The Korean War” and “I Remember Korea” donated by Phyllis Jandreau. 

In memory of J. R. Boucher: “Mercy Watson Something Wonky this Way Comes” donated by Jameson Roy. 

In memory of Real L’Heureux: “Just in Time” donated by Adele Carroll. 

In memory of Joan Wallace: “The Law of Innocence” donated by Gerald and Michelle Raymond. 

The following books were donated by the Northern Neighbors Quilters: in memory of Robert Marquis: “The New Quick & Easy Block Tool!”, in memory of Laurine Kelly: “Machine Quilting with Style”, in memory of Charles L. Willey: “Stupendous Stitching”, in memory of Gloria Willey Martin: “Sew Sweet Baby Quilts”, in memory of Carolyn Bouchard: “The Most Scenic Drives in America”, in memory of Herman Thibeault: “Machine Quilting in Sections”, and in memory of Harold Frost, Jr.: “Addicted to Scraps”.