Three bucks prepare to square off with each other in this trail camera photo. Credit: Courtesy of Chris Ross

As Bangor Daily News readers continue to flood my email inbox with trail camera photos and videos, it has become obvious that some people have installed their cameras in much more critter-centric spots than others.

Chris Ross of Clinton is one of those people who clearly has a ton of wild animals prancing around in front of his cameras. And luckily, Ross has shared plenty of them with us.

Back in November, we featured a Ross photo that showed a herd of deer in the same grassy area, along with a separate photo of a wild turkey apparently standing its ground as two deer prepared to bug out.

Today’s trail camera photo shows what seems to be a territorial squabble between three young bucks. The time and date stamp indicates the photo was taken on Oct. 11, and the three deer are facing each other, apparently ready to do a bit of sparring.

My money’s on the deer in the foreground, which seems a little bigger than his two rivals, and is also taking an aggressive stance as the battle looms.

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Or maybe one of the smaller bucks was up to the task and drove the other two away. Who knows?

The best news: We’ve still got a few of Ross’ photos left to share with BDN readers. Among those is one that is so good, it looks like Ross told the deer (and a mystery critter) exactly where to stand. (Stay tuned in the days ahead for that one.)

Until then, keep the images and videos coming. And if you got a trail camera for Christmas, hurry and set it up! Then, be sure to send us your best images to show our readers.

Do you have a trail camera photo or video to share? Send it to and tell us “I consent to the BDN using my photo.” In order to prevent neighbors from stopping by to try to tag particularly large bucks, moose or bears, some identities and towns of origin may be omitted.

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