A rock dove, better known in the city as a pigeon, stands amid the winter shadows on a flight of park stairs in Portland on Tuesday. Credit: Troy R. Bennett / BDN

Today is Wednesday. Temperatures will be in the mid-20s to mid-30s from north to south, with cloudy skies throughout the state. Here’s what we’re talking about in Maine today.

Here’s the latest on the coronavirus in Maine

Seven more Mainers have died as 590 new coronavirus cases were reported on Tuesday, according to the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The death toll now stands at 333. Check out our COVID-19 Tracker for more information.

A fourth person died Tuesday and the number of infected residents and employees has increased in at least one of the nursing homes in Caribou, Madawaska and Eagle Lake currently experiencing COVID-19 outbreaks.

Find out when you can get the coronavirus vaccine

In this Dec. 16, 2020, file photo, Dr. Susan Tyler receives the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine at Northern Light A.R. Gould Hospital. Credit: Courtesy of Northern Light A.R. Gould Hospital Credit: Courtesy of Northern Light A.R. Gould Hospital

Figuring out where you fall in the coronavirus vaccine plan can be tricky. We built a quiz to help give you an idea of when it might be your turn.

Answers to your questions about the COVID-19 vaccines

In this Dec. 15, 2020, file photo, nurse Kayla Mitchell, left, of Maine Medical Center’s COVID ICU unit in Portland becomes the first person in the state to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. Credit: Derek Davis / Portland Press Herald via AP

We asked readers what questions you have about the process, and most of you wanted to know when you would be able to get your own shot and how it would happen. Many of those questions circled around your employment or health care conditions.

Susan Collins, Angus King back $2,000 stimulus payments

In this Oct. 2, 2020, file photo, Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, speaks at a news conference in Waterville. Credit: Robert F. Bukaty / AP Credit: Robert F. Bukaty / AP

Both of Maine’s U.S. senators say they support increasing direct payments to Americans to ease the financial burden of the COVID-19 pandemic, though it remains to be seen whether a bill to do that will get a vote in the Senate before the end of the year.

PLUS: Stimulus checks are coming. How much will you get and when?

Group signs agreement with suitor for shuttered Hampden waste plant but won’t say who it is

The sorting equipment at Fiberight’s plant in Hampden removes recyclable items from the waste stream. Credit: Courtesy of Fiberight

If the deal goes through, it would take an estimated six to eight weeks for the new owner to reopen the plant.

Investigator’s report supports claims of racist incidents at Bangor High School

In this June 21, 2020, file photo, Amara Ifeji and Ijeoma Obi, who recently graduated from Bangor High School, dealt with racism throughout their high school years at the predominantly white school. Credit: Linda Coan O’Kresik / BDN

The investigator, Portland lawyer Krystal Williams, found evidence that supports much of what the Black students told the BDN: white students called them the N-word, defended slavery and white supremacy in class discussions and teachers mixed up the identities of Black students at the predominately white high school.

It took a community effort and bananas to lure this escaped goat back to the vet

Belfast police work to get an escaped goat that went for a swim Tuesday safely back to shore. Credit: Courtesy of the Belfast Police Department Credit: Courtesy of the Belfast Police Department

One thing was clear: the pet goat that escaped from its owner Tuesday in the parking lot of the Belfast Veterinary Hospital really didn’t want to go to the doctor.

Instead, the 4-year-old white goat with a green leash ran off on a jaunt that took him across U.S. Route 1 and through a retirement community, much to the delight of the residents. His great escape finished with a long swim in the frigid ocean and a dramatic rescue at sea.

Canada lynx march across a snowy Aroostook County field in this trail cam video

Three Canada lynx walk across a field in northern Maine. Credit: Courtesy of Darrell Ouellette

Darrell Ouellette of New Sweden caught these four lynx on camera parading across his field.

The Maine animal stories that you loved the most in 2020

Wyatt Morse, 17, reaches out toward a 750-pound bluefin tuna he and two friends caught off the coast of Maine on July 1. Credit: Courtesy of Griffin Buckwalter

We hope our animal stories have provided that respite from the pandemic for many of you. Here are our most popular from that genre, including tales from land, sea and lakes across Maine.

In other Maine news …

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1-ton bale of waste accidentally dumped in Penobscot Bay recovered intact

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