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We are better than this

What an egregious display from our fellow Americans. Come on people, we are better than this.

Occupying our Capitol and breaking into office spaces. These people need to be arrested and locked away. Their level of patriotism and class is of the lowest nature. I am a registered Republican and voted for Donald Trump twice. I cannot condone his inciteful speech, which only provided a match to a group of folks wanting to start their fire of disorder.

We all know that Trump has always been a person of wealth and has never been told no, but what he is doing now writes a whole new chapter of his legacy. I do feel that the election has been manipulated, only by the mailing of ballots. A ballot, in my opinion, must be requested not just arbitrarily received in the mail.

As true Americans, we are better than what we have seen on our TV screens or possibly in person. This is not the citizenry or government that I and my many fellow service members, many who made the ultimate sacrifice, served in the military for. It is an extremely sad time in our history and Trump has proved his presidency needs to come to a quiet close.

I am sad to say the man I hoped would bring us together and lead our country to the top of the heap has become such a divider. And dare I say a spoiled child. As a nation we will survive as we have in the past. We can adjust the present Congress in two years if Americanism can be restored and sanity is restored in our citizenry.

Wayne LeVasseur


Stand up to Trump

A year ago, Sen. Susan Collins had the opportunity to stop the Trump administration, and she chose not to stand up to the president. His lies and threats to our democratic system continued. While President Donald Trump was the instigator, I hold all Republicans who did not challenge the president responsible for Wednesday’s attack on our democracy.

I call on all elected officials, especially Collins as a leader in the Senate, to publicly urge the vice president and Cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove Trump from office. Once they call for his removal, he is no longer in power, though it is possible for him to get that power back.

Our beloved country can be protected from further damage caused by this dangerous man.

Dianne Kopec


Time to wake up

At 66 years old, I’ve seen some debacles in my day, but Wednesday was shameful, heartbreaking and infuriating. Anti-American, anti-democracy, anti-anything to do with reality and common-sense, yet those I saw at the Capitol sincerely believed that they are the patriots trying to restore America. Sad. Sad and frightening, as it is a cold stark reminder of the power of disinformation. Both sides accusing the other of suffering the same malady.

For me personally, I consider myself a realist, Science trumps belief, verifiable facts defeat innuendo. But science without morality is neither and verifiable facts are to be used to betterment not tearing down. I’m not angry, but I am very deeply ashamed.

Wednesday was something everyone of us, including myself, was complicit in. Complicit in not confronting and challenging lies and those who promulgate them when presented the opportunity. Complicit in electing and reelecting the morally and intellectually bankrupt to be our voices. Complicit in believing we have to respect others’ rights to their beliefs, opinions and motivations even when clearly threatening and dangerous to democracy, the republic and to the common good. Complicit in our fear of being viewed as socially or politically incorrect or worse, “insensitive.” Complicit in not confronting all the unbalanced, unsupported conspiracy theories fomenting discord. Complicated because any person with half a properly working frontal lobe could foresee Wednesday as the natural and likely outcome.

After Wednesday, any of us that thinks “we’re just being courteous” and give ear to seditious lies, half-truths (or no-truths), unfounded beliefs and alternate realities without civilly challenging and confronting them are complicit in our collective undoing. I have hope that the “sleepers” heard the alarm this week. Please try to respect each other.

Keith Howard