Maine is well into its effort to vaccinate long-term care facility staff and residents against the coronavirus, who were among the first in line.

The idea was to protect some of the most vulnerable Mainers as cases increased in the state and outbreaks — now more widespread around the state — surged in those facilities. While 10 percent of Maine’s total COVID-19 cases have occurred in long-term care facilities, they have seen 57 percent of the deaths, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation report.


The vaccine rollout for these places is controlled by the federal government and information around indicators like total shots in arms and vaccine participation is often available only on a rolling or anecdotal basis. Maine officials have raised concerns that staffing numbers among big pharmacy chains leading the endeavor could hinder efforts.

The Bangor Daily News wants to hear from people associated with long-term care facilities and how the vaccination effort is affecting you or a family member. Tell us how the facility you live or work in has been communicating about the virus. If you are hesitant about getting the vaccine, what are your concerns? What would you like to see done? Let us know in the survey above.