THORNDIKE — The Farwell Project, restoration of four historic buildings in Thorndike Village, is preparing to sheathe the newly raised General Store, delivered from ruin this year thanks in part to a federal grant which allowed jacking and new  foundation. The work is being completed by a small crew of dedicated workers and volunteers. The building dates  to 1872. Built in conjunction with the Belfast & Moosehead Lake Railroad after the Civil War, Farwell’s Mill & Store was a center of agricultural commerce and social activity for Waldo County. 

Inside the new cellar, workers have created a concrete-lined cavity to hold a sealed time capsule, a metal box to be  left untouched for one hundred years. The weather/fireproof box will contain essays on current affairs, current  newspapers, magazines, art, several books, photos of local towns, medicines, seeds, coins, face masks and other time-relevant objects, not necessarily of great value. At this time, residents of Waldo County are invited to submit small items to be included. Submissions should be made of sturdy materials; compositions on acid-free paper preferred  but not necessary; fragile items should be protected by some form of casing.  

In January 2121, as a label will request, the box may be opened as a community event, with further items to be  added if desired, with appropriate updated notations as to how science, culture, politics and society have evolved.   

To submit items for inclusion in the time capsule, email to describe your intentions so that adequate space is allowed. The capsule is planned to be sealed on Jan. 30.