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Appreciate our relationships

One of the biggest, ongoing issues in the world today is COVID-19, and its effects on people and families around the world. The issue of living through a global pandemic is certainly uneasy for anyone, and it has taken a toll on families in more than one way.

Being in college, this is the most common time for people to begin moving out of their houses and starting towards a new life away from home. With the pandemic, however, this has seemed to be increasingly hard for many college students. The support of one’s parents is an underappreciated support that we all need. When times are tough, they are the people that you rely on to help guide you through the darkness.

Unfortunately, however, the pandemic has made it increasingly hard to be able to do this. Of course, with phones and computers, we are able to communicate better than ever with our families from a distance, but the lack of ability to be with them in person is something that can be astronomically difficult.

Living through the global pandemic we are in now presents itself with multiple challenges and problems that we all have to overcome. It is important for us all to appreciate what we have, and appreciate the relationships with our parents that we need to continue to build in times as difficult as these.

Neill Peirce

Old Town

Harris makes history

I have recently been bombarded by Vice President Kamala Harris’s Vogue cover for its February issue. I first saw the now infamous cover complete with purple low-top Converse on Instagram where I barely gave it much thought at all. After all, Harris is our new vice president and Vogue is known for inviting political darlings to grace its glossy pages — Michele Obama, Hillary Clinton and Melania Trump to name a few.

I remember liking the photo and scrolling on. Next, I stumbled across it again on my For You page on TikTok. This time, a TikTok user was critiquing the cover to the delight of thousands of viewers. They pointed out the overexposed lighting, the unprofessional-looking backdrop made of what appear to be silky sheets, and of course the infamous purple low-top Converse. I saw these same sentiments on Twitter and even read a New York Times piece analyzing the style choices of the shoot.

It might seem silly on the surface, but Kamala Harris has truly broken glass ceilings to be where she is today, the first woman elected to vice president of the United States, and a woman of color at that. So often women’s roles in places of power are downplayed, and Harris deserves a cover reflecting this momentous and historic occasion.

Bronwen Rogers


Popularity and waste

Donald Trump demonstrated how developing popularity can permit the personal accumulation of many millions of dollars in spite of not being of much value to those very enthusiastic fans.

The same realization applies to NASA’s popularizing the space pictures of the rocks and planets and debris that float around us and the concept of mankind eventually enjoying and possibly living on some of them. Even though there is no planet or imagined place out there where man can ever comfortably stay for any meaningful existence.

We know that local atmospheric developments can be and are very useful and supportive. But, the project most publicized has been the space station that has been circulating the earth for many years and for many billion s of dollars, even though the only thing discovered or learned by this extraordinary expenditure seems to have been how to be comfortable in a space station.

We have been taught that popularizing exaggerations can be meaningless and economically expensive disorientation that can cost future generations terrible inflation and discomfort. Please, let us realize that NASA is also an extraordinary waste.

Roy Martin


What we need right now

What this nation needs right now are letters and OpEds from Republicans who tell us that they supported or condoned Donald Trump and his big lies; that they now understand how wrong that was; and that they are leaving the party of hollow rhetoric about “personal responsibility,” “conservative values,” “God and Country,” and “support the blue.”

Or they tell us what their plan is to work from within the party to take responsibility for the logical consequences of their fealty to Trump above all else, and steer the GOP ship and the nation away from the ledges of sedition, lawless violence and bloodshed.

Gail Marshall

Mount Desert

Commit to civil discourse

We, the Dover-Foxcroft Democratic Municipal Committee, join many of our neighbors in our horror at the recent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. We believe that those who verbally instigated the violence as well as those who physically threatened Capitol Police and congressional representatives in the course of doing their constitutional duties must be held Accountable.

The violence we saw on Jan. 6 was fueled by the lie that the election was “rigged.” We know from our personal experience of helping to run elections side-by-side with our Republican neighbors, that — win or lose — our elections are fair and our government is legitimate. The lie that the election was “stolen” threatens the foundation of government “of, by, and for the People.”

The violence was wrong and disquieting on many levels; but none more so than as a symbol of the breakdown of our ability to communicate and work with each other. One essential ingredient of a democracy is that it provides a place where people can come together to sort through their differences and find a way to govern effectively. We must repair people’s confidence that, while we may disagree over many things, we can maintain a public place — a civic marketplace of ideas — for the common good. In our view, that is true patriotism.

We invite all community members to join with us in reaffirming our commitment to civil discourse, to accountability to law and truthfulness, and to work jointly on projects that will benefit our community.

Carole Boothroyd


Benjamin Richmond,

Vice Chair

Dover-Foxcroft Democratic Municipal Committee