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Don’t let them dictate our future

It was with some trepidation that I read an article in the BDN on Jan. 18 considering the decision of the Bangor school board not to screen the Jan. 20 inauguration to students. Unless there had been a credible threat to the students that would be currently under investigation by the powers that be, have we not given in to terrorism? Are we to permit these anti-American domestic terrorists to dictate our paths to the future?

It doesn’t make any sense and has inaugurated a new fear for all of us to live with. This same type of fear is tantamount to paranoia, the kind that former President Donald Trump promulgated regarding Muslims and Hispanics. The inauguration is an integral part of American government and students and young adults should have been encouraged to view this important event in the cradle of modern democracy.

Douglas Kazdoy


The truth still matters

The rage that drove the “protesters” — aka terrorists, insurgents — at the Capitol has one primary source: the former president himself. Though he expressed no regret, he is responsible for the creation of the lie that he actually won the election, but that it was stolen from him. And many of his followers are apparently too gullible to figure out that this is not true.

I think that is mainly because of the many Republicans in Congress who supported Trump’s lie, and egged on his followers. I believe they knew the truth, yet they voted not to confirm Joe Biden’s win. Sens. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley shamelessly led this act, and should be expelled from Congress.

Also guilty are the people on the stage with Trump before the riot who urged their audience to go to the Capitol and fight. “Trial by combat,” said Rudy Giuliani. How irresponsible. How unfit to lead all of them are.

I am a strong believer in free speech. But presidents, their administrations, elected officials at any level, and prominent community leaders telling bald faced lies that incite violence crosses the line. How is this any better than yelling “fire” in a crowded movie theater?

In order to quell the violence, they should be forced to publicly tell the truth. Perhaps under oath?

Nancy Bennett O’Hagan


America was founded on God

I cry for America. Every nation that forgets God, shall be turned into hell, it’s found in the Bible.

America the beautiful now America the shameful due for judgment, I cry, send ye the lamb to the ruler of the land, the lamb is the mercy of God.

Where does America stand that was founded by God for freedom of religion? It has put God aside, it has let the enemy come in that won’t pledge allegiance to the flag in its true meaning.

America must pray again or it will be turned into hell. To whom much is given, much is required. Wake Up America, or we will no longer be the home of the free.

No one has considered God’s judgment regarding this virus (COVID-19) or anything else. America was founded on God.

Malcom Wadsworth


Locally owned grocery stores stepped up

For 20 years, the Heroes for Hunger Program has served Waldo County by providing a holiday meal to families needing extra help. Waldo CAP has been honored to coordinate this project since 2016 when the founding organization, People for People, closed its doors. We are inspired and encouraged by the community’s support of this project.

This year, COVID-19 changed everything. No longer would we be able to gather our volunteers in one place and serve our community in this hands-on way. However, the goal remained the same and we needed to reengineer the project.

Waldo County has many small, locally owned grocery stores that serve seniors, low-income people, and those with transportation limitations all year long. Could they purchase the items for the boxes, pack them and make them available for families? We asked Tozier’s in Searsport, Unity Shop N’ Save, and Wentworth Family Grocery in Brooks and Northport if they could help. And they said yes!

Over 1,850 holiday boxes assembled by the stores were either delivered or available for pickup. This was a herculean effort! There were many people who helped make the project successful: our donors, volunteers and staff. But the real heroes in the Heroes 4 Hunger program this year are the small locally owned grocery stores that stepped up when asked to help. We could not have done this without them.

Dorothy Havey