Photo courtesy of Waldo County Technical Center

BELFAST — Waldo County Technical Center opened its doors to local eighth-graders earlier this month for “TECHsploration,” an opportunity for students to explore in depth the programs offered at the CTE school.  

Despite having to wear a full outfit of PPE, including face shields, masks, safety glasses and gloves, the middle schoolers were enthusiastic to learn what opportunities await them if they attend WCTC. 

Eighth-graders from Searsport Middle School and Troy Howard Middle School in Belfast were in attendance.  Mount View eighth-graders will visit WCTC in the spring. Most of these students visited the school as seventh-graders when they participated in “The Amazing Race,” an interactive, school-wide competition that allowed students to get a small taste of each program. 

During TECHsploration, the middle-schoolers were able to experience two programs of their choice for a more extended time period.  Each class instructor shared career pathways for their program and an interactive activity that highlighted what the program has to offer. This experience helps students decide how Waldo County Technical Center is going to fit into their four-year high school plan.  

Students who participated in TECHsploration had many positive things to say about their experience. One student who visited the Culinary Arts program stated, “it was very fun.  I liked how hands on it was and how we got to be in that environment cooking and mixing and chopping to end up enjoying our final project, which was satisfying and tasty.”

A student visiting the CNA program said, “I loved the people in this program.  They were so welcoming and nice. I learned about where body parts are and where bones are.”

For more information on the programs that Waldo County Technical Center has to offer, please contact Bonnie Kein  at 207-342-5231 ext. 205.