Carrabec High School, North Anson

Second quarter honor roll

Grade 12, high honors: Jasmyne Coombs, Natalynn Deuble, Chantelle LaCroix, Autumn Morrill, Mikayla Oliver, Sarah Olson, Courtney Peabody and Anastasia Quimby; honors: Andrew Davis, Adam Lawrence, Elizabeth Manzer and Emily Riggs. 

Grade 11, high honors: Cheyenne Cahill, Shyanne Holmes and Abigail Luce; honors: Emma Baker, Julia Baker, Abigayle Ballard, Roger Beaulieu, Jr., Xavier Cloutier, Charlee Davis, Isaiah Dunphy, Tyler Edwards, Aliyah Grunder, Sean Olson, Courtney Rollins, Seth Sayles, Aislinn Slate, Brandon Smith, Cassidy Smith, Devon Spencer and Garrett Wilson.

Grade 10, high honors: Jessica Benedict, Luke Carey, Lindsay Hamilton and Isabelle Slate; honors: Autumn Ladd, Robert Lindblom, Jr., Gabriella Manzer, Connor Peabody, William Price II and Hunter Sousa.

Grade 9, high honors: Brooke-Alexis Dube; honors: Kolby Carpenter, Jayden Cates, Riley Crocker, Devyn DeLeonardis, Cooper Dellerma, Trevor Donahue, Dillon Nelson and Daisy Page.