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Justice starts with our words

I object to the choice of words editors used to headline a front-page story in the weekend print edition of the BDN ( Feb. 6-7, 2021), “Mainer arrested in Capitol riot described as racist but not violent.”

Excuse me, but racism is violence. A racist believes they have the right to dominate others they perceive as inferior. Racism kills opportunity. Racism kills spirit. Racism kills dignity. Words matter. Words create the context that forms our way of thinking. Thinking is the basis for action; our actions form our character.

If we wish to reform our national character in the direction of morality and justice, let’s begin with our words.

Sandra Cyrus


What future do we want for America?

According to Wikipedia, “After the September 11, 2001 attacks, the U.S. government responded with immediate action (including rescue operations at the site of the World Trade Center and grounding civilian aircraft), and long-term action, including investigations, legislative changes, military action and restoration projects.” They didn’t simply shrug and say “Well, the terrorists blew themselves up so no action needs to be taken.”

Why are the events of Jan. 6 any different? There were terrorists at work here as well. Yet the majority of Republicans want to simply move on and not hold the instigator in chief, namely Donald Trump, accountable for his actions that inspired a crazed mob to storm the Capitol while he reportedly watched gleefully from the White House. Can anybody at all make any sense out of this?

All because he wouldn’t admit defeat. Think about it. Letting him off without consequence sets a precedent for any other would-be corrupt president to simply do their most deplorable and unspeakable deeds right before their term ends. Do we want that? I for sure don’t. And I can’t imagine any thinking person, Republican or Democrat, would want that in our future. If they do, we have no future.

Pat Dempsey


One nation under God

I never thought that I would ever see my country in the mess it is in now. To think that the former president appeared totally convinced that the November election was a fraud. That he would call Georgia’s secretary of state and ask him to find the number of electoral votes so that he would have enough to be declared president. That he would work his loyal followers into a frenzy to attack the Capitol to stop the counting of the electoral votes. That people were killed. That his followers were going after the vice president to harm him. That the capitol was violated, offices were entered and ransacked and items taken. Even human waste was smeared in the building.

The former president essentially had his followers brainwashed. It’s scary that one person can have that much power and influence over people. This country is divided. There is much hate. White supremacists are trying to emerge to try to insert their beliefs on everyone. Power to the white man and put the women, children and different races of people to the ground, they say.

I pray that we as a people can forget our differences, come together as one nation and work with the current president to rebuild our country, learn to forgive, learn to love, learn to help one another, learn to accept all races of people and make our country strong again.

This country needs to look to our Heavenly Father, seek His advice and follow it. America used to be “one nation under God.” Let us be that once again.

Becky Wiers


A lesson to learn

Sen. Susan Collins spoke truer than she may have known one year ago today when she partially justified her refusal to convict Donald Trump by saying he had learned “a pretty big lesson” from his first impeachment. He did learn a pretty big lesson: He learned he could do whatever he wanted to undermine this country and Republicans would let him get away with it.

That’s not the lesson Collins supposed he learned. Now it’s time for her to take her lesson from that, and convict Trump of incitement of insurrection.

Julian Sheffield