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Vaccine questions

Is it possible that someone could please check all these Vaccination sites and discover how to actually get on a list?

I’m not a nerd or a geek but I do know a little. My son is a lot more computer literate than I am and he found roadblocks trying the same sites I tried. I’m beginning to believe that the M arquis de Sade has been reincarnated and taken over the registration process.

I keep hearing on the news that the best way to register is online. I think I’m up to the fourth site that I’ve attempted and we keep hitting a roadblock with no detour. This would be a prime opportunity for one of your smart young reporters to earn a Pulitzer if they can find a way where people can actually register.

It makes me wonder if they aren’t trying to frustrate us people over the age of 75 to the point where we just give up. That way they can start vaccinating the young set without losing any sleep.

Thomas Bonner


Stepping up with climate action

Susana Hancock, in her Feb. 5 letter to the editor, notes that it’s an opportune moment for Maine to lead on climate action. She states, “2021 needs to be the year in which America steps up and it starts with ME.” Well said!

A group of Mainers are stepping up with a grassroots initiative called Carbon Cash Back 4 Maine. It advocates for a barbon price with cash going back to households. A bill will shortly be reintroduced in the U.S. House of Representative that does just that! It’s called the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (note: the bill’s name could change when it is reintroduced).

The local initiative’s goal is to build support for this legislation at the federal level by bringing articles to the 2021 town meetings. There will be lots of conversations about climate generated by this action. Further, when a town votes to pass the article, it will be communicated to members of Congress, Gov. Janet Mills, our state legislators and to the president. Fifty town champions are working in their towns to build support. That’s what I call stepping up.

Interested in participating? Go to carboncashback4me.org.

Bonnie Sammons


Putting patients and community first

Since the beginning of the pandemic, St. Joseph Healthcare has communicated often and clearly about the necessary protocols and procedures required to keep people safe regarding the coronavirus.

As a patient of St. Joseph Healthcare, I was not surprised by its thoroughness in providing information or its willingness to reply to questions via phone or email. It is responsive to patient needs in all circumstances.

I was fortunate to receive my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at a recent weekend clinic provided by St. Joseph Healthcare at its 900 Broadway facility. The staff and volunteers were pleasant and immediately available upon our arrival, and all went smoothly from the minute we stepped through the door. it couldn’t have been a better process.

I congratulate St. Joseph Healthcare for always putting its patients and community first and foremost, even in a pandemic.

Carolyn Maunz

Stockton Springs