Bobcat track in the snow. Courtesy of Ashley Megquier

Friends of Sears Island and the Carver Memorial Library will co-sponsor a live Zoom presentation titled “Learning to Read Tracks, and Using Them to Enter the Secret Lives of Wild Animals” by Sandra Mitchell at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 2.

Did you ever wonder what the animals of Maine do during the long, dark, cold months of winter?  So does Mitchell, naturalist, and certified wildlife CyberTracker! In order to find out, she goes out and follows them — or more accurately, follows their tracks and signs through the snow and the mud. If you’d like to come along for the adventure from the warmth of your home and zoom in for a look at the secret lives of Maine mammals, you’ll leave the presentation with enough information to go out and investigate what the animals in your yard are doing this winter. Sandra will discuss most of the major species of wildlife people can expect to see in their yards and the woods of Maine. This includes not only tracks, but the signs associated with animals and their travels, such as browse, scat, dens, burrows, nests, and more. 

Mitchell is a Registered Maine Guide and an avid amateur naturalist. She enjoys investigating natural mysteries. Her website is To register for this free Zoom presentation, visit

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