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Stop Scarborough ICE facility

I’m a minister living in Skowhegan. Over the course of my ministry, I have had the privilege to spend two years living in El Paso, Texas, where I have accompanied people through their immigration journeys. I’ve worked with asylum seekers forced to remain in Mexico while waiting on their hearings and people in immigration detention, and helped people get situated after their deportations to Mexico.

I’m called to this work because I believe in my core that our highest moral obligation is to love our neighbors as ourselves. We are meant to spread love and compassion to all those we meet regardless of their circumstances.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facilities are the first stop after being arrested by ICE. The stories from detainees of being ripped from their families, spouses, and children in the middle of the night are chilling. They’re taken to these facilities uncertain of their fates. They are subject to rampant physical and verbal abuse. They are held in overcrowded and unsanitary cells. The careers of judges that preside over their cases depend on filling deportation quotas and not on ensuring that justice is upheld. At no point in the process are the detainees treated like humans deserving of love and compassion.

We must stop the ICE facility in Scarborough. The process is a dehumanizing one that is devoid of any redeeming quality. If we allow ICE processing facilities in Maine, we are encouraging and sanctioning the abuse of our neighbors.

Zeb Green


Support Pinkham Bebb in Northport

As a Northport resident for more than 10 years, I am pleased to endorse Breanna Pinkham Bebb for election to our Select Board. In recent years, I have had the privilege of working with her on the Northport Planning Board, as well as in other capacities in Waldo County. Her civic involvement has been and continues to be widespread including the Waldo County Woodshed and service on numerous boards.

Pinkham Bebb not only maintains a full-time job and volunteers in various roles but is a wife and mom as well. Multitasking is in her blood. Anyone who knows her at all is aware that when she commits, she is committed all the way. I know for a fact that her tenacity, enthusiasm and can-do spirit will only enhance the governance of our town.

Please join me in electing Breanna Pinkham Bebb to the Northport Select Board on April 14.

Reeves Gilmore


33 years of failure

What can we accomplish in 33 years? Most of us, quite a lot. A whole working career and a productive retirement; a family with a start on the third generation; service to our communities … lots.

Why ask about 33 years? Because it was 33 years ago, in 1988, when NASA scientist James Hansen went on record to warn Congress about climate change, its main causes and its likely effects. Since that time, scientists’ warnings about a warming planet and changing “weird” weather have come true, even faster than they predicted. The scientists have delivered. What has Congress done? Not much.

They have nibbled around the edges of the problem, but they have failed to take action to significantly reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses we release into the atmosphere. Solutions to the problem are available but nature’s clock is ticking and the time remaining to head off catastrophic consequences is limited and growing shorter.

Right now, Maine volunteers are working in 50 towns under the title Carbon Cashback 4 ME to get articles on town meeting warrants or resolutions passed by city councils calling on Congress to pass meaningful legislation to combat climate change and describing that legislation as containing carbon fee and dividend provisions.

After 33 years our elected leaders have failed to act in any meaningful way. Hopefully 50 towns in Maine acting together will get the attention of Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King and Reps. Chellie Pingree and Jared Golden and result in solid action (and just to be clear, though we have the same name, I’m not the Waterville city solicitor).

Bill Lee