Metal rake and shovel Credit: Stock image / Pixabay

Shopping at a hardware or garden supply store can be overwhelming. If you are going to spend your hard-earned cash, though, you want to get the best tools possible, especially if you plan to do work on your home.

For every tool, there are some things you need to know in order to pick the best and right one for you. Here are guides to shopping for common household tools, from gardening gloves to fire extinguishers.

Lawn mower

For new homeowners who have previously only lived in rentals, caring for a lawn might seem like a completely foreign task. But even the wildest lawnscapes could use a trim every once in a while. Choosing a lawn mower can be intimidating with all the varieties of this tool available today. Here’s how you can choose a lawn mower among the seemingly endless options at your local hardware store.

Gardening equipment

Gardening equipment is a must-have for homeowners with a green thumb. But how do you decide what equipment is right for you? Here are the must-have tools for first-time gardeners and tips on how to choose them. Also, here are some tips to choose gardening shoes and a guide to picking gardening gloves. Once you get into gardening, here is how to choose the right mulch.


Picking a houseplant can feel like entering a jungle. Having houseplants can drastically increase your mood, your indoor air quality and the feel of your decor. Here are the houseplants that are best for Maine, and here is how to choose the houseplant that is best for you. For the winter, here is how to pick the best artificial lights for your houseplants.

Fire extinguisher

Everyone should be equipped to handle a fire in their house. Part of that preparedness includes having a fire extinguisher in your home. Here’s how to choose a fire extinguisher and make sure it functions correctly one you do.

Pellet stove

Pellet stoves fall somewhere between a wood burning fire and an electric heating system. The stoves use pelletized fuel in order to generate heat and distribute that heat throughout a space via force exhaust for a bone-warming warmth. If you think a pellet stove might be what you need to warm you during the long Maine winters, here are some tips for choosing a pellet stove.

Outdoor heaters

Getting the right outdoor heater will transform your outdoor space into a cozy paradise even in the winter. Outdoor heaters might be hard to find right now, but you may have more options than you think as a homeowner. Here is what to keep in mind when choosing an outdoor heater.

Don’t let the selection of items available for your home and yard intimidate you. With a few tips, you can pick out exactly the equipment that is right for you, no matter what you are shopping for.