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Rule of law over mob rule

I was deeply saddened by the report in the Monday, Feb. 22 BDN that the Republican officials had sent a letter of rebuke to Sen. Susan Collins for her vote to convict Donald Trump, not for what it says about Collins but for what it says about our Maine Republican activists.

They have effectively gone on record as considering Trump’s fueling of the mob’s violent insurrection at the Capitol acceptable behavior for the president of the United States. I can only hope that in time they will come to respect the rule of law over mob rule.

Fred Otto


Cancel the cancel culture

I commend Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman, creators of the ZITS comic strip, for pointing out the asininity of the “cancel culture”. (Jeremy is being chastised by his friends because several years ago he tweeted “Penguins walk funny.”)

The cancel culture isn’t funny. It’s a sign that too many people have too much time on their hands and too little love in their hearts. Destroying someone for a comment made years ago benefits no one, and just about everyone over 10 years old has said something in the past they disagree with today.

I attribute the removal of the statue of Melville Fuller, former chief justice of the Supreme Court, to the same mean-spirited people with too much time and too little love. Fuller did what he thought was right, and the fact that history has proved him wrong on one issue makes him no less impressive. Why we’re spending time and money removing statues instead of feeding the hungry and sheltering the homeless is a mystery to me.

History happened. Nothing we do today changes that. If we worry less about the past and live worthwhile lives in the present, we’ll all benefit.

Lawrence E. Merrill


Thankful for vaccine experience

As a person who got my first COVID-19 vaccine inoculation at the Cross Insurance Center, I would like to sincerely like to thank all of those people who directed me to the next step with a smile.

My vaccine experience was so amazing! All along the way, there were lovely people directing me and the process went smoothly. Kudos to Northern Light Health.

When I went to have my COVID shot at the Cross Center and looked at about 30 people ahead of me, I thought, “This is going to take a long time.” It really surprised me that within a matter of about 5 minutes, we were all inside in the warmth and continuing on to the next step. It just amazed me how well everything was run and such lovely people you met all along the way directing you.

Thank you to all those people, nurses and volunteers.

Gloria Coomer