Four coyotes gather near a water source in this trail camera photo. Credit: Courtesy of Eli Zook

Like many of us, Eli Zook thought he was setting up a trail camera in a perfect spot to capture photos of wild game. And like many of us, the wild game he ended up photographing wasn’t his original target species.

The result, however, is pretty stunning.

Zook took the photo in Homer City, Pennsylvania, which is about halfway between Pittsburgh and Altoona.

“I set a trail camera over a creek trying to get pictures of deer but was rewarded with this beautiful picture instead,” Zook said. “Maybe a female with four [young coyotes].”

The first coyote I saw after opening the photo confused me a bit: I was looking at the reflection of a coyote in the creek. Then, after zooming in, I started seeing all the others. The fourth, which Zook references, is behind the leaning log. At least, that’s what I think I see.

Altogether, the coyotes make for a wonderful picture — one that looks like an artist has painted the scene.

Keep the great photos and videos coming!

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