An owl (right) keeps a close eye on a passing deer in this trail camera photo. Credit: Courtesy of Bob Hall

Back in December a reader-submitted trail camera photo captured the imagination of us all. Or, at the very least, it left us wondering, “What in the world is that owl thinking?”

Bob Hall sent in the pic, which showed an ambitious owl swooping down after a fast-waddling skunk. It still makes me chuckle.

Today, Hall is back with another owl-related pic that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. It shows an owl (right hand side of the shot, down low) checking out a deer that seems to be walking past its perch.

“[This was taken in the] same woods as the owl skunk photo,” Hall said. “I do not think the owl on the right is going to go after the deer in the photo.”

Maybe not. But I’m left wondering: Is this the same skunk-attacking owl that we saw in the same photo? A relative? If it is the same owl, did it learn anything from that first encounter?

And if this is, in fact, the skunk-seeking owl, does that mean that the glance he’s giving this deer qualifies as “the stink eye”?

Of course, we’ll never really know.

But since I knew you’d ask me for it, I’ve also included that owl-vs-skunk photo that we all loved so much.

Watch out below! An owl dives down, apparently in an effort to attack a skunk. A state raptor biologist says great horned owls are one of only a few species that actually eat skunks. Credit: Courtesy of Bob Hall

Keep those great photos and videos coming!

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