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No Sunday hunting

I’ll preface my reaction to a recent enthusiastic expression of support for Sunday hunting with a question. Is there any time in the year that it isn’t open season on some species here in Maine?

It seems a walk in the woods has come to be a near impossibility except for one day of the week — Sunday. While the proposed bill stresses that it would only be allowed on private property with the landowner’s permission, I’ll defy any hunter to be able to establish when he strays across those invisible forest boundaries onto someone else’s land.

I’d like the privilege of enjoying our forests to belong to all of us, not just to hunters.

Diane Smith


Child care can make a difference

I appreciated Thomas College President Laurie Lachance’s recent BDN OpEd highlighting a recent report on the scarcity of child care in rural Maine. I echo her support for investments in child care, especially in rural areas.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it clear that the lack of child care is an obstacle holding back Maine’s economy and our state’s workforce, as well as potentially harming long-term public safety.

We are all aware the stress of public safety work is high. Our workers need to know their own kids are safe and in a nurturing environment while we are at work, so we can fully focus on our jobs and provide the best service to the public. The Bangor area has been fortunate to have the Bangor YMCA to provide ongoing, high-quality child care throughout the pandemic. I know others outside the Bangor region have not been so fortunate. This is one of many reasons I support investments to expand access to child care to everyone but speaking specifically to the profession of public safety workers who have children of their own so they have the peace of mind their kids are well cared for when we are at work.

Additionally, I know quality child care can make a real difference. For kids at risk, early child care provides the support and resources they need to get a strong start and continue on a positive life path that does not include criminal behavior.

Mark Leonard

Chief of police


Let’s get going

It totally amazes me that our members of Congress, who make at least $174,000 per year plus some travel, health care and pension s, can sit and debate on how $15 an hour will break our country.

We need people in Washington who have a grip on reality on what it costs the public to survive: food, housing, transportation, child care, health care and decent wages. People who address the problems of today — the virus and its prevention, like wearing masks, social distancing — and problems of the future — global warming, the environment, racial issues, protecting our kids and grandkids from future health issues.

Come on people, let’s vote for someone who actually cares and is not supported by money. We need to vote for the best of the candidates and not the lesser of the two evils.

This is the country I grew up in and love, not the world’s police force with the biggest military budget in the world. I am all for help and protecting other people and countries, but do we have to be basically the only one doing it?

America is the greatest country in the world. So let’s get going.

Gary King


Nobody following the speed limit

The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office need have no fear of defunding. If it spent just one entire day ticketing speeders and drivers who pass over the double yellow line on Goose Cove Road in Trenton, it could afford to build a station rivaling the Blaine House.

Nobody, but nobody, drives anywhere near the speed limit.

Roslyn Reid