DEER ISLE — Beginning in April and running through October, Haystack’s online programming will feature 70 presentations across 10 program threads led by an innovative group of artists, designers, writers, curators and historians. Through our commitment to increasing access to the school, each of these online programs will be presented as free and open to the public.

What developed out of necessity due to the pandemic has now become an exciting new direction which will deepen our work and expand the communities we engage with. These offerings have been designed to highlight what takes place at Haystack, without attempting to replicate the experience of being together on campus or the type of learning that takes place in a workshop setting. Much of what we present this season will be added to our program offerings moving forward, allowing us to meet our mission in new ways.

Haystack’s 2021 online programming will take place on Zoom and each session will last for one hour followed by questions and discussion with the audience. Nearly every event is open to an unlimited audience size with the exception of Writing Workshops and Mentorship and Collaboration. These programs will not be recorded for public distribution and are only available in real time. Pre-registration is required to attend these free events, and will open at the beginning of each month for events scheduled in the subsequent weeks.  

Haystack is committed to equity through our digital platforms, and each of our online programs will feature closed captioning, with the option of letting us know additional accommodations that might be needed at the time of registration.

Registration opens on Thursday, April 1 for the first month of programs — along with the full schedule and expanded website.