MILFORD — The Dr. Lewis S. Libby School is proud to announce that the following students have made the honor roll for the second trimester: 

Grade eight, high honors: Tiffany Butler, Ava Depew, Khloe Dunton, JP Reinzo, Joseph Reinzo and Ella Ryder; honors: Amelia Albert, Madison Davis, Chase Dodge, Jacob Harris, Bobby Lombardo, Tyler Michaud and Haley Moores.

Grade seven, high honors: Amelia Dubay, Malcolm Gilley, Cynthia Girouard, Emily McDonald and Lindsay Mockler; honors: Eli Barnes, Alyssa Comeau, Ben Eastman, Keely Kenny and Alejandra Olivares.

Grade six, high honors: Jackson Brawn, William Bryer, Cayden Campagna, Jocelyn Casiano, Ethan Closson, Isaac Depew, Logan Dodge, Owen Dunn, Kara LeClair, Malory Liepold, Gabby Olivares and Alyse Sapiel; honors: Braden Lee and Aubrey Quinney.

Grade five, high honors: Aurora Clark and Grace Madden; honors: Allison Carey, Brady Davis, Elliott Kalel, Jackson Ketchen, Julia Reinzo, Heather Taplin and Elaina Thibodeau.