A sign welcomes visitors to Mayor Baxter Woods in Portland. Credit: CBS 13

Dogs must now be leashed at all times in Mayor Baxter Woods in Portland.

Starting immediately, dog owners are required to keep their dogs on a leash at all times until July 31 to keep migratory bird nesting sites in Baxter Woods safe.

The restrictions take safety concerns into account for children and visitors who are uncomfortable around unleashed dogs.

Dogs will also be required to be leashed at all times year-round in the Habitat Restoration Area — located at the Northern Carriage Path — and all areas northward.

Under the new rules, off-leash dogs under voice control are still welcome in Baxter Woods the rest of the year.

The city said park rangers will strictly enforce the leash rules starting Thursday, and tickets will be issued to dog-owners who do not comply with park rules or ranger requests.

The city council approved the new restrictions in October 2020.