A gray fox walks in front of a trail camera. Credit: Courtesy of Kathy Anderson

Growing up here in Maine, I knew we had red foxes in our woods, and every so often I’d see one in a field, on the side of a road, or walking across the fairway at a golf course.

I’d not heard of gray foxes, however, until much more recently. And I’m not sure I’d seen a photo of one until we began running this trail camera feature back in October.

They’ve certainly got a distinctive look, with some red highlights on their darker fur. Recently I received some more trail cam photos from a reader lucky enough to capture images of a gray fox.

“The photos were taken behind our house in Prospect. First time we had seen this animal on our camera so we weren’t sure [what it was],” Kathy Anderson said.

Anderson did the same kind of internet search I did, and the photos are quite stunning.

According to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife’s fact sheet on foxes, “Gray foxes weigh about 10 pounds and are distinguished by their grizzled coloration, a hint of red on the neck, ears, and lower legs, and a black stripe down their tail.”

Anderson’s photos certainly show all of those features.

A gray fox walks in front of a trail camera. Credit: Courtesy of Kathy Anderson

Another fun fact about gray foxes? They’re pretty talented critters, it turns out.

“Gray [foxes] are the only member [of] the canid (dog) family in North America that can climb trees,” according to the fact sheet.

Now that’s a trail cam photo I’d love to see!

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