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Among a slate of bills Gov. Janet Mills signed into law on Thursday was one that named a song by a Bridgton songwriter as the state’s “song of the 21st century.”

The song, “My Sweet Maine,” was written by Terry Swett to honor Maine’s bicentennial in 2020. Reps John Andrews, L-Paris, Buckfield, Hebron, and Walter N. Riseman, I-Harrison, co-sponsored the bill, “An Act To Recognize ‘My Sweet Maine’ as Maine’s Song of the 21st Century.”

Swett, 64, a songwriter likely little-known outside of western Maine, wrote the song in 2019, according to an article published by The Bridgton News. Clocking in at just over four minutes, it is approximately three times as long as Maine’s state song, “State of Maine,” written in 1937 by composer Roger Vinton Snow.

The song, likely best categorized as a country-folk ballad, proceeds at a very leisurely pace, with Swett’s vocals accompanied only by acoustic guitar and some country music-style harmonizing. It lists off lots of things that Maine is known for, like chickadees and pine trees.

The song is around the same length as “The Battle of the 20th Maine,” a song written by popular Maine band The Ghost of Paul Revere, which was named the state’s ballad in 2019, also in a bill signed into law by Mills.

Swett owns a sign-painting business in Bridgton, but plays guitar and sings in bars and theaters in and around Cumberland and Oxford County.

What do you think of this song? Does it reflect your experience of living in Maine? What song would you have chosen to represent life in Maine in the 21st century?

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