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Unfounded praise for Joe Biden

I disagree that President Joe Biden’s first press conference displayed that he has a solid grasp on the major issues facing our country, as suggested by the March 28 OpEd in the BDN, “Biden was strong, sure and focused in first press conference.”

Although Biden appeared to do some research when it came to important issues like immigration, removal of U.S. troops in Afghanistan and his proposed infrastructure plan, many of his statements were superficial. When asked specific questions about his policies, Biden repeatedly gave vague answers. On multiple occasions, Biden also avoided tough questions by directing attention to his predecessor’s shortcomings.

When confronted with a report that hundreds of unaccompanied children at the border are being packed into pods, going days without seeing sunlight, Biden continued with this pattern, simply condemning the treatment of these children. Rather than offering a solution to the problem at hand, Biden provided a surface-level answer before diverting attention to former President Donald Trump once again.

In his first White House press conference since taking office, Biden’s superficial statements gave the impression that he crammed for the occasion. It appeared that he held a basic understanding of many topics, but lacked in-depth knowledge of most issues. This is not to say that Biden is an unfit leader, but rather to acknowledge that the media’s praise of Biden’s first press conference is unfounded.

Luke Buck


Close Long Creek

In 2016, a child died of suicide at the Long Creek Youth Development Center (an Orwellian name indeed for a prison). Children don’t belong in jail.

This child was being held pretrial. This means he wasn’t even found guilty of a crime, yet he’s dead. Close the place down before more kids die.

Jim Alciere

East Machias

Support for our Wabanaki neighbors

I wish to commend Rep. Jared Golden for his BDN OpEd in support of the recommendations of the task force charged with amending 1980 Indian Land Claims Act. These recommendations are now making their way through the state’s legislative process and will help provide the justice and sovereignty our Wabanaki neighbors so deserve.

Thank you to Golden for this vocal and public support.

Cassandra Wright


Episcopal Committees on Indian Relations


Protect Mainers from price gouging

Four years ago, my brother’s insurance stopped covering his two types of insulin. The cost for both types he needed was $1,400 a month. He couldn’t afford it. He tried to control his diabetes by rationing the short-acting insulin he had left.

Three days later when he didn’t show up for work, paramedics found him unresponsive in his home as a result of ketoacidosis. I was told his core temp had been 88 degrees. He had essentially died. Paramedics miraculously revived him. He was airlifted to a Bangor ICU on life support, not expected to live. Thankfully, he did survive. Great suffering to recover and no longer able to work.

After the worst month of his life, we were faced with the monumental task of finding a way to get him the insulin he needed after he was discharged. His trauma and distress could have been avoided if his insulin had been affordable in the first place.

Maine legislators need to pass LD 675 and the full package of bills, Making Health Care Work for Maine, to hold drug companies accountable for their inhumane price gouging. Passing this legislation will have a positive impact on Mainers like my brother. It’ll save lives.

Lori Dumont