PORTLAND — Jade Integrated Health, Maine’s leading integrative medical practice, this month celebrates 20 years in business. Founded in 2001, Jade practitioners have treated over 100,000 Maine patients in their Portland and Brunswick locations. Now with a full-time staff of 16, Jade Integrated Health includes the modalities of physical therapy, acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and yoga. With steady growth over the last two decades, Jade has plans to open a third location in southern Maine.

“During the pandemic, we were grateful to see a 30 percent increase in the number of patients walking through our doors,” says John Charlebois. “John and I have always agreed that the reward for our work is centered around patients’ care, not the paycheck,” Nancy said. “Seeing more people show up during the pandemic demonstrated that we are making a difference in the community,” Charlebois stated.

The Charlebois’ originally opened their doors on Congress Street in Portland, nearby other budding Portland businesses, such as Angela Adams and Coffee By Design.

“In the early days we would meet over coffee and talk about the successes and struggles of being young entrepreneurs in Portland – I am proud to see what Nancy and John have built,” says Mary Allen Lindemann, co-founder of Coffee By Design. “Even back then, Portland demonstrated a strong, collaborative and entrepreneurial spirit that is still very much alive today – doing business in this City has always been pretty special,” Charlebois says.

Long before it was trendy, the Charlebois’ believed in a holistic approach to wellness, treating the whole person versus treating symptom by symptom. With an original focus on physical therapy and acupuncture, the steady growth of Jade Integrative Health has mirrored positive trends within the industry. Nationally, two thirds of Americans have tried at least one alternative medicine modality; Traditional Chinese Medicine is currently valued at $50B in the United States; and acupuncture and botanicals market is valued at $34B – both markets are expected to double within five years.

The Charlebois’ are currently looking in southern Maine for their third location and are exploring expansion into new practice areas.