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A daily eyesore

I agree with the recent letter from Leo H. Mazerall Jr. of Stockton Springs: The Bangor waterfront is an absolute eyesore! And as I live up the hill from this eyesore, I get to see it several times a day.

I may as well be in an industrial unkempt section of New Jersey! I sadly shake my head at Bangor’s folly and the ruination of what should be an emerald gem for the city.

Kate Tuck


Wrong time for an increase

Bangor Natural Gas (BNG) has informed its customers that it is requesting permission of the Maine Public Utilities Commission (MPUC) to raise the cost to its consumers of natural gas for cooking and heating. Technically, the cost increase is in “distribution” not in the cost of the product itself. But that is a meaningless distinction to a homeowner whose interest is, “What does it cost me to cook dinner or beat the cold?”

I assume BNG is acting in good faith, that they really need this increase in order to survive. But here’s my question to them and to the MPUC: Is this really the right time? According to what we and our friends and our neighbors are experiencing, too many Mainers, like too many Americans, are out of work, and having difficulty paying their rent or their mortgage, and feeding their children. And across the country, including Maine, small businesses are struggling. A lot of those are the mom-and-pops where we eat out, take our laundry, have our car repaired, shop for groceries, care for our pet’s health.

Is there an economist anywhere in the United States who suggests that this is the time to raise utility costs? Every one of us, personally and professionally, at home and at work, has had to sacrifice, and do without to one degree or another. Perhaps a better business decision for BNG is to join the rest of us in that effort, and postpone the visit to the MPUC.

Stefan Nadzo


Collins leads on energy storage

Innovations in clean energy technology will play a critical role in Maine’s future, both in terms of protecting our abundant natural resources as well as powering a stronger, more resilient economy for Maine’s workforce. Thankfully, Sen. Susan Collins clearly understands the importance of investing in clean energy solutions, as evidenced by her recent introduction of the Energy Storage Tax Incentive and Development Act.

This forward-thinking, bipartisan legislation would give Maine businesses and residents the ability to invest in cost-effective energy storage solutions by expanding investment tax credits for this emerging technology. Energy storage is a critical component of our energy infrastructure that will help improve the efficiency and productivity of any power source, from cleaner forms of energy like advanced nuclear and natural gas to renewables like wind, solar, and hydropower.

By providing federal tax incentives to spur private-sector investment in energy storage, this legislation leverages the free market and American innovation to strengthen and modernize our national energy infrastructure so it is better equipped for the 21st century. Not only that, but it would help make energy more reliable and affordable while creating jobs and new economic opportunities. I am grateful to Collins for working in a bipartisan manner to put forward this much-needed legislation. I urge the senator to continue working with her colleagues in Congress to get this critical bill passed.

Cavan Hagerty


Schedule for a new member of Congress

Wednesday: Organize office

Thursday: Campaign for reelection

Friday: Campaign for reelection

Saturday: Campaign for reelection

Sunday: Pray for forgiveness

Monday: Campaign for reelection

Charlie Cameron