A woman who was reported missing in March was last seen at the Casco home where human remains were found.

Skeletal remains were found over the weekend at a home at 196 Poland Springs Road, according to officials.

The residence belonged to Douglass Scott, 82, who died earlier this year, police said. A family member was cleaning out the residence when the discovery was made in an outbuilding on the property.

According to probate court documents, Scott’s daughter, Denise Scott Ramsey, was last seen at the home, the Portland Press Herald reported.

State police confirmed with the newspaper Wednesday that it is aware of the missing person’s report and is working with the family to gather more information.

Scott had four sons and a daughter, but did not leave a will or instructions before he died on March 4, the newspaper reported. According to an affidavit for diligent search, Ramsey’s family hadn’t been able to reach her by phone for a year-and-a-half before she was reported missing.

Police are working to identify the person found on the property, and to determine how the person died and how long the body had been there.

Further information was not immediately available.