"Fluffy" is the name given to this pure white creature that has been scurrying around a neighborhood along the Belfast waterfront since mid-winter. Credit: Courtesy of Richard Koralek

The little critter pictured has been scurrying around outside the home of Richard Koralek, who lives in Belfast.

It’s not uncommon to see pure white hares in the Maine woods during the winter and spring, but there aren’t many all-white, four-legged animals — except maybe your garden-variety house cat or dog.

Koralek has named this one “Fluffy,” because of its beautiful coat of fur.

“[It] has been wandering around our backyard for a few months,” said Koralek, who lives on the Belfast waterfront.

“He’s either living in our neighbors’ rock wall or under another neighbor’s house.”

That’s not to say Fluffy hasn’t been contributing in terms of helping to keep things in order around the Koralek home.

“He’s been eating weeds and grass (he pretty much wiped out my crop of dandelions, for which I’m grateful),” Koralek said, pointing out that Fluffy could well be a “she.” 

What do you think — have you ever seen one of these animals? Let us know your thoughts about the identity of this one.

We appreciate the photo, Robert!

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