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Oppose LD 1225

As a woman in Maine, I am concerned about LD 1225, “An Act to Provide Dignity for Fetal Remains by Requiring their Interment or Cremation.” The bill requires the final disposition resulting from abortion, miscarriage or fetal death, regardless of gestation age, through cremation or interment. It threatens a woman’s right to choice under the guise of dignity. Imagine being a woman recovering from a miscarriage being forced by law to make expensive funeral plans.

This bill will constitute a financial burden by constituting a de facto tax — perhaps thousands of dollars — on women and families. Individuals purchasing funeral services are uniquely vulnerable. They must make decisions about funeral arrangements during a time of grief and emotion. The average cost of a funeral in calendar year 2019 was $7,640, according to the National Funeral Directors Association. Requiring women and families to bury or inter fetal remains at a time of grief and loss creates a cost. There is no legitimate public health or safety purpose for this bill.

Maine families touched by the loss of a fetus deserve control over their own decisions about disposal of remains. LD 1225 has a public hearing before the Judiciary Committee next Tuesday May, 18 at 9 a.m. I urge people to voice their opposition to this legislation.

Alison Rector


Protect the environment and economy

Questions of economic impact have been prevalent throughout this past year and it has made me think: What is the core of the Maine economy? The obvious answer is the fisherman.

The second, as shown by the slogan “vacationland,” is tourism. Despite an individual fisherman’s opinions of tourists, lobstermen and “people from away” have a symbiotic relationship. Fishermen depend on the huge hauls and large sales of tourist season to earn enough to make it through heat season.

Something that harms both the fisherman and tourists could be devastating to the local economy. It is for this reason I believe a salmon farm in Frenchman’s Bay would be devastating. Yes, it may bring short-term jobs, but we need to think long term. Fish farms are notorious for polluting our seas.

Marine ecosystems are fragile and disruption could be catastrophic for fishermen in the region. The proposed location of the 30 pens, each 150-feet wide, would be right in the view of tourists ascending Cadillac Mountain. Seal watch boats could lose navigation space. Barges filled with fish could regularly round Schoodic Point, severely diminishing the natural beauty and appeal to visitors.

If someone cares about the environment, I don’t think they can support this. If someone cares about the economy, I don’t think they can support this.

Deiran Manning


Enough with the fluff

The April 26 article by the Associated Press was one of the worst fluff pieces about President Joe Biden I have ever seen. Up in the polls? Do people realize the way some of these polls are conducted? Nearly all Democratic voters and just a smattering of Republicans.

And his response to the pandemic? Check the facts about who got the vaccines rolling, definitely not Biden. And the border crisis? I notice the article didn’t even dare to go there. Four years of the BDN often trashing Trump and now, it seems, this ineffective president can do no wrong.

Bradley Dickey