BELFAST – After much thought and consideration, the Maine Celtic Celebration Board has decided to hold the 15th annual Maine Celtic Celebration (MCC) as a one-day event on Saturday, Sept. 18 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.n. on the Belfast Waterfront near the Boat House. The MCC is planning to have a good mix of Celtic music including the Napper Tandies, fiddles, bagpipes, dance, “kilt kontest” and storytelling during the day. 

Attendees can also enjoy watching the Highland Heavy Games, Dog Show and attend numerous workshops.  Complete event details will be posted to the MCC website , Instagram and Facebook. 

MCC is looking for volunteers to help with the event including public relations, fundraising, merchandise selection and sales, vendor coordination and grounds set up. MCC President Steve Ryan said, “This is a good time for someone to get involved with our experienced volunteers and get their feet wet with a one-day event in preparation for next year’s traditional three-day event.” 

Interested individuals can contact MCC at Of course, MCC will need more volunteers the day of the event.  A limited number of vendor booths are also available.

Due to pandemic safety issues and time limitations, some of the traditional Celebration activities such as the U.S. National Cheese Roll Championship will not be part of this year’s event, but we hope to bring everything back in the future.