The exterior of Korean Dad in Veazie. Credit: Courtesy of Korean Dad

Korean Dad, a new Korean restaurant in Veazie, opened for business this week, and on its first day open sold out of all its food in 45 minutes.

The restaurant, plans for which were announced by father-and-daughter team Changsu Kristopher Lee and Alexa Farron back in February, was initially slated to open on Center Street in Bangor. In April, however, the pair decided to open instead at 1492 State St. in Veazie, in the little stone building formerly occupied by the Stone Sparrow Cafe.

On its first day open on Thursday, customers bought up all the bulgogi, haemul pajeon (seafood pancake), bibimbap, japchae, tofu stew and homemade kimchi they made that day within 45 minutes, according to Korean Dad’s Facebook page.

Korean Dad is the Bangor area’s first Korean restaurant, and the first Korean eatery in Maine north of Portland. Lee and Farron plan to change up its menu daily, though there will reliably be bulgogi, bibimbap and kimchi — three of Korea’s most iconic dishes. The name was inspired by how Farron said her dad, Lee, was everybody’s Korean dad, due to his love for cooking for anyone and everyone.

“My dad loves to cook. It’s in his family,” Farron told the Bangor Daily News in February. “And he’s my best friend. He’s my Korean dad, which is why we called it that. So when you come to eat, you’re eating dad’s cooking.”

Korean Dad will be open at 4:30 p.m. on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays to start. Right now, they only plan to offer takeout, as Lee makes a limited amount of food each day, and will take orders until supplies run out. To place an order, message Korean Dad on Facebook, email or call 207-922-2893. The menu will be posted on social media daily.

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Emily Burnham

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