In this Aug. 17, 2019, file photo, the "Kind of Blue" album cover is on display at the former Bull Moose record store in Portland. Credit: David Sharp / AP

SALEM, New Hampshire — A New England record store chain and its employees are in the midst of a disagreement about the company’s decision to suddenly close a store and fire all the workers at that location.

Employees of the Salem, New Hampshire, location of Bull Moose said Saturday that the closure and firings happened after the workers disagreed with a company decision to allow customers to stop wearing face coverings.

Bull Moose said in a statement that its decision “had absolutely nothing to do with masks or face coverings for employees or customers.” The statement also said the company was “not able to share the reasons behind our decisions regarding the Salem store as it is important to us to protect the confidentiality of our former employees.”

Workers at the Salem store and other Bull Moose locations told the Portland Press Herald that tension had existed between workers and the company over the handling of pandemic precautions. One of the Salem employees said workers had also been talking about contacting a labor union or labor attorney about their rights.

Bull Moose has numerous locations in New Hampshire and Maine and has long been popular with New England music lovers.