Would you like to be better prepared for a remote accident? Do you want to learn best practices? Are critical thinking and problem solving important to you? If you answered yes to any of the above then sign up for this scenario-based introduction to wilderness medicine.

You will develop good assessment and scene leadership skills and further your risk-benefit decision-making skills. You will learn to understand real shock and how to safely move spine injured patients. You will be able to treat ugly wounds and broken bones with greater confidence. Students in this course learn to administer epinephrine for victims with severe airway constrictions. You will be able to recognize situations you can manage alone and know when you need to get help.

This program is designed for the person who frequently travels in the backcountry with friends or in small groups and who is seeking a basic level of competency in first aid. It is an introduction to the broad concepts of rendering care in a remote setting. The course includes Adult CPR and training in the use of epinephrine for allergic reactions. You can expect the course to be fairly intensive and to cover the most important aspects of wilderness medicine such as leadership, patient assessment and basic care. The course will be very experiential with lots of opportunity to practice in real-life simulations.

No experience required. The majority of the course will be held outside in the elements rain or shine. One hundred percent attendance is required. Instructor: Stephen Leavins

Supplies: Please bring a set of older clothes for simulations. You should expect to be outside regardless of the weather working on your hands and knees (in the mud if it rains) and carrying loaded litters over rough terrain and through brush. For your own personal safety and comfort, please dress appropriately. Call us at 207-746-5741 for more details and to register. The cost is $300 for the class, which includes tuition, certification fees and materials.