BRUNSWICK — A special Mass honoring family members that have passed away while also raising crucial funds for students at St. John’s Catholic School in Brunswick drew $10,020 in contributions on June 1.

“People have been so generous this year,” said Shelly Wheeler, principal of All Saints. “We have such a supportive community here at St. John’s Catholic School.”

The Scholarship Fund Memorial Mass was celebrated at St. John the Baptist Church in Brunswick by Fr. Joseph Ford on Tuesday morning, but the work leading up to the successful celebration began weeks ago.

“People donate to our scholarship fund and in turn, we include their beloved family and friends who have passed on in our memory scroll, and we light candles for each person as we read through each and every name that is to be remembered,” said Wheeler, who read the names during the Mass. “The students bring the candles down in front of the sanctuary and the candles form a large cross.”

As loved ones are remembered, their impact lives on as each cent donated to the St. John’s Catholic School Memorial Scholarship Fund makes a real difference in the life of a child.

“The fund is a wonderful way of remembering a loved one. All contributions provide assistance to students attending the school,” said Wheeler. “These funds allow us to give tuition assistance for families who want a Catholic education, but cannot afford the cost.”

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“May God continue to place his abundant blessings upon all who help and donate as well as their families,” said Wheeler.