Jenni Tilton-Flood, Luke Shorty and Pamela Proulx-Curry have been elected to serve as officers on the Volunteer Maine State Service Commission. They will serve as chair, chair-elect and vice chair, respectively. This proposed slate of officers passed with unanimous approval by Commissioners present at the June 18 meeting.

F. Celeste Branham, who has served as chair since Sept. 2018, will remain on the leadership team as the immediate past chair.

Tilton-Flood, of Clinton, is a dairy farmer and a farmer spokesperson for Cabot Creamery Cooperative. “While we follow a line of dedicated, dynamic officers our leadership team is looking forward to continuing the mission and committed to serving our communities and creating an even stronger Maine through volunteerism,” said Tilton-Flood.

Shorty, of Winthrop, is the executive director of Lee Academy in Lee. “I am excited to work with the leadership team we established through our election of officers during the June meeting,” shared Shorty. “It is an exciting time to serve on the Commission as we will have the opportunity to shepherd in some exciting new initiatives that the State of Maine is putting forward, such as the Maine Service Fellows, as well as the AmeriCorps federal agency. I’m also excited to find ways to help people give back to their communities, be it through the Service Fellows, national service, or traditional volunteering .”

Proulx-Curry, of Orono, is an academic advising specialist at United Technologies Center in Bangor. “I am delighted to serve alongside the fellow members of our new leadership team,” said Proulx-Curry. “The Commission is made up of dedicated, service-minded individuals. I am excited to collaborate with our team to strengthen volunteerism in Maine and ensure all Mainers are aware of the many opportunities to give back to their respective community.”

Branham, of Brunswick, has served in leadership roles as chair-elect, from June 2016 to Sept. 2018, and chair, from Sept. 2018 to June 2021. “It has been my privilege to serve as Chair of the Maine Commission for Community Service or Volunteer Maine for two terms, collaborating with an excellent staff, committed Commissioners, and extraordinary volunteer managers throughout the State,” shared Branham. ” My successor as chair is exceptional, as are the other members of the leadership team. I am grateful that I will continue to have an opportunity to work closely with them in service to community engagement and volunteerism in Maine.”

Commission seats are designated in statute such that each person represents at least one facet of the community volunteer service sector. Chair Tilton-Flood holds seat 15, which is for “a representative of business.” Chair-elect Shorty sits in seat 23, reserved for an “expert in the delivery of human services to communities and people.” Vice Chair Proulx-Curry occupies seat 11, which is reserved for a “representative of the State’s volunteer community.” Immediate Past Chair Branham holds seat 20, which is set aside for educators.

Commissioner terms of service are three years with an option for re-appointment. The Commissioners are a diverse, bipartisan group of citizens, actively engaged in community service and represent every region of the state. They elect officers from their membership and, the officers serve two-year terms.