David "Beck" Beckenbaugh is all smiles after plucking this pumpkinseed sunfish out of Windmill Lake near Othello, Washington. Credit: Courtesy of David Beckenbaugh

Today’s offering in our feature series designed to allow you to show off your favorite fish photos — and the stories behind them — proves once again that size does not matter.

David “Beck” Beckenbaugh loves to fish. Sometimes, he even dabbles at being a fish educator.

He brought both of those skills to the fore during a visit to Windmill Lake, near Othello, Washington.

Initially, Beckenbaugh was puzzled as to how our plea to Bangor Daily News readers for photos of their fabulous fish photos reached him clear across the continent. Undaunted, he took the opportunity to join in on the fun.

“I am not in your state, which is why it is odd it got into my mailbox. BUT … it IS about fishing so …,” Beckenbaugh said.

At Windmill Lake, Beckenbaugh came across some children who were trying to figure out exactly what kind of fish they were seeing swimming in the shallow water.

He was compelled to find the answer.

“I thought that (maybe) I could help them out. I put a very small bead head nymph fly on and immediately pulled this monster (A pumpkinseed sunfish) from the briny deep,” Beckenbaugh said, his laughter palpable, after plucking the specimen shown in today’s photo from the water.

“Still gives folks a laugh,” he said.

Thanks for the submission, David! You’re definitely the leader in the clubhouse in terms of our smallest fabulous fish contribution.

If you have a favorite fish photo to share, send it to outdoors@bangordailynews.com and tell us, “I consent to the BDN using my photo.” If you are unable to view the photo or video mentioned in this story, go to bangordailynews.com.

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