A bobcat strolls past a trail camera in Waldoboro after snatching this mystery mammal for its breakfast on the morning of July 2. Credit: Courtesy of Bill Wallace

It seems you can’t get enough of bobcats when it comes to our popular series of trail camera stories.

And no wonder, they’re beautiful and amazing creatures!

Bobcats also have to eat, as shown in today’s follow-up to a photo sent in by Bill Wallace of Waldoboro.

So, what did you guess? The prey being carried by the bobcat is smallish, brown and furry, but some of its key features aren’t easily visible in the photo.

Some of the guesses included a fisher, a pine marten and a woodchuck.

The cat in the photo, taken on July 2, 2021, is tucked down in the lower left-hand corner. It appears to be taking its kill to a suitable breakfast spot.

I called upon the expertise of Shevenell Webb, furbearer biologist for the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, to make a positive identification of the bobcat’s prey.

“Bobcats are common across the southern half of Maine but can be difficult to observe, so it’s a special treat to have them on camera,” Webb said.

“As the image illustrates, bobcats are effective hunters and they prey on a wide variety of animals such as mice, squirrels, snowshoe hares, ruffed grouse, turkeys, beavers and even white-tailed deer,” she said.

This time, it’s none of the above.

“I agree with you that it looks like the bobcat is carrying a woodchuck,” Webb said, concurring with the guess I made about the identity of the animal.

Thanks again for the submission, Bill!

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