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Please get vaccinated

Like everybody else, I just want this COVID thing to end. I think I understand some of the reasons people don’t want to get the vaccine. Suspicion of government, concerns about side effects or just plain vaccine aversion are all reasonable. But we don’t have time.

No one knows for sure, but it looks like our only chance to fight this virus is to make sure it can’t spread. Each new infection increases the risk of creating a new variant that may be resistant to the vaccine. Every day more (mostly unvaccinated) people are infected, and some die.

I think these are times that call for all of us to pull together as Americans, to see we’re all in this together. So, please get vaccinated, and let’s get rid of this thing.

Maggie Harling


Don’t wait to protect Frenchman Bay

Where are our state and national political leaders who have professed much concern over mitigating climate change?

Gov. Janet Mills, to her credit, established the Maine Climate Council in 2019, composed of groups of climate change experts and tasked them to provide a plan of action in one year. In announcing the plan, ” Maine Won’t Wait,” she pledged that her administration would work to prevent and mitigate climate change at every turn by weaning our state off fossil fuels. Sen. Susan Collins chimed in stating, “Here in Maine, we reject the false choice of pitting the environment against the economy because we know that, in our beautiful state, the environment is the economy,” also mentioning reducing carbon emissions.

Sen. Angus King, founding member of the  Senate Climate Solutions Caucus, indicated “we need to get to work — now.” Rep. Chellie Pingree and Rep. Jared Golden both said they “applaud” the governor’s efforts. John Kerry, U.S. special envoy for climate, said that Maine is setting an example for every other state with this plan.

An industrial sized salmon farm has been proposed for Frenchman Bay. This project would produce a multitude of pollutants from greenhouse emissions from thousands of gallons of diesel fuel burned each day and billions of gallons of discharge. Where are our political leaders? It looks like “Maine will wait.”

David Seaton

Cape Neddick

Wake up and smell the coffee

My father dropped out of school to proudly serve in the U.S. Navy during World War II. He loved this country. His dying wish was that a U.S. flag be placed on his grave. During the many trials and tribulations life sent her way, my mother found solace in her faith. Her strong belief in God comforted her. She did not have a malicious bone in her body.

Growing up we didn’t have much. But what we did have was a loving family and food on the table. We were expected to do our best. We were taught that sometimes we would fail and that was OK. The important thing was that we pick ourselves up and try again. Most importantly we were taught to treat others how we would like to be treated.

Here we are today with politicians pitting We the People against each other. President Abraham Lincoln warned that “a house divided against itself can not stand.” The purpose of a free press is to provide the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth. Instead, I believe the mainstream media shoves their opinions down our throats and vilifies all who dare to question them. What on earth makes teachers think they know better than parents? When did schools stop educating and start indoctrinating children? How are children to succeed as adults if they are traumatized by words and can’t do simple math?

It is time to wake up and smell the coffee or God help us all.

Catherine Ferrell