Radishes are a versatile and plentiful vegetable to add to summer dishes. Credit: Sarah Walker Caron / BDN

Radishes are one of the most bountiful crops of the summer. They mature so quickly that you can grow several rounds of radishes over the course of the growing season. Bunches of radishes are ubiquitous and inexpensive at the farmers markets and grocery stores throughout the summer as well.

Though they can be peppery and punchy, radishes are incredibly versatile in the kitchen. If you have an abundance of radishes, here are five ways that you can prepare them.

Radish toast

Thinly sliced radishes paired with melted brie on top of thin Italian bread slices. Credit: Sarah Walker Caron/BDN

Slices of French baguettes spread with butter, topped with thin slices of radishes and a sprinkle of sea salt is a common breakfast on Parisian kitchen tables. You can also add radishes to thinly sliced Italian bread topped with delicate slices of brie cheese that has been baked until the cheese is melted enough to spread. Either way, radish toast is a wonderful way to balance piquant radishes with creamy, carby goodness.

Farmers market veggie fried rice

Farmers market fried rice is a quick, and inexpensive, meal that can be made with most any veggie. Credit: Sarah Walker Caron/BDN

This fried rice is an easy way to use the veggies currently in season here in Maine and available at the farmers market. Combining parsnips, radishes, spinach and shallots with rice, sesame oil and a few other things makes for a hearty dish that’s filling and inexpensive.

Sauteed radishes

Sauteed radishes can add depth to any salad. Credit: Sarah Walker Caron/BDN

Simple sauteed radishes add an extra heartiness to any salad. This  robust sauteed radish salad pairs the slightly sweet, peppery sauteed radishes with hard cooked eggs, romaine lettuce, halved sungold tomatoes, diced raw zucchini, shaved carrots and croutons — plus, any dressing you like.

Quick pickled radishes

Radishes can be quick-pickled to add acidity to any dish. Credit: Linda Coan O’Kresik/BDN

Quick pickles, otherwise known as refrigerator pickles or quick-process pickles, are a fast and easy way to add acidity to any dish that you’re making, from sandwiches to cheese boards to a barbecue roast. Radishes are one of the best quick pickles, and pair particularly well with tacos. Use a mandoline to keep the pieces thin and even, and then follow the basic steps for quick pickling.

Radish coleslaw

Peppery radishes come together with cabbage, carrots and fresh parsley for this oil and vinegar coleslaw. As the name suggests, this isn’t your typical cloyingly sweet coleslaw with creamy white dressing, but is instead made with an olive oil and vinegar dressing, seasoned simply with honey, salt and pepper.

Radishes are delicious prepared in so many ways, whether used raw on toast, sauteed in salads or pickled for a punch of peppery goodness. However you choose to use them, these recipes will have you planting or picking up more bunches of radishes all summer long.