Shipyard Brewing Co. this week unveiled its Pumpkinhead hard seltzer in anticipation of the return of the popular seasonal ale in the fall. Credit: Courtesy of Shipyard Brewing Co.

Shipyard Brewing Co. unveiled this week a hard seltzer that seeks to capitalize on the popularity of its iconic fall seasonal beer.

The Pumpkinhead hard seltzer hit store shelves Monday, and it will be available only in a limited release, according to the company.

“Given the momentum of the hard seltzer market and a flood of requests from the Pumpkinhead faithful, we decided to create what we think is a perfect partner to Pumpkinhead Ale,” Bruce Forsley, president of Shipyard Brewing Co., said Tuesday.

Pumpkinhead ale was first brewed at Kennebunkport Brewing Co. in 1994 before becoming part of the Shipyard line.

The brewer said the lightly-spiced seltzer — featuring cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla — will stand out among the light, fruit-flavored varieties populating store shelves.